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Underestimated Issues in Cancer Patient

Underestimated Issues in Cancer Patient

Gertrudis Adrianza De Baptista


To prevent, as well as improve the quality of life and survival of cancer patients, this must be seen under a multimodal concept and thus obtain the best results from cancer therapy. There are nearly a hundred locations or histological varieties (cancer) that, although with common features, have characteristics with implications of a different clinical-therapeutic and prognostic nature. Malnutrition is the common comorbidity in cancer patients, with determinants linked to the patients, the tumor, and the treatment [1]. Very compromised in the hospitalized patient. The objective of this short writing is to review concepts not seen or used as a priority in some entities where cancer patients are managed.

Incidence WHO (World Health Organization)

Cancer is the set of diseases characterized by the progressive accumulation of mutations in the genome of a cell. There are various homeostatic mechanisms that determine the balance between cell proliferation and death. By 2030, the global incidence is expected to rise to 21.7 million cancer cases and 13 million cancer deaths due to population growth and aging. In the USA, Gastric Cancer represents more than 20% of all newly diagnosed cancer cases, considered the fourth most common type and the second leading cause of cancer death. ” Actions Regarding Tobacco Use, Diet and Infections Can Prevent A Third of Cancers and it is Possible to Cure Another Third…” It is necessary to carry out prevention programs at the level of the official organisms of each country. (“no smoking” campaigns, “eat healthy”, HPV in gynecological consultations, among others) [2].

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