Hurain, a New Plant Protease from Hura Crepitans

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Hurain, a New Plant Protease from Hura Crepitans

Werner Jaffe, Journal of Biological Chemistry, 149, 1 (1943).

A considerable number of publications exist which describe plant proteases, but our knowledge of the chemistry of these enzymes and their mode of action is scant. Except for the ferments of the group of papainases, which have been relatively well investigated, there are few experimental data on other plant proteases, so that classification outside of this group is, as yet, impossible. In the present paper some experimental data obtained with a new plant protease are reported which may be helpful for the purpose of classification.

Botanical Data-The new ferment was isolated from the sap of the tree Hura crepitans (commonly known in Venezuela as jabillo) of the family of Euphorbiaceae. Proteases so far have been identified in three members of this family, Croton tiglium, Ricinus communis, and in the sap of Euphorbia palustris.

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