Toxicity of Raw Kidney-Beans

In feeding experiments with dietscontaining raw or autoclaved kidney-beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) we found that they are toxic for rats, producing rapid loss of weight and even death after a short time. As KLOSE and coworkers reported recently on a fraction from Lima beans that retarded the growth of rats, we want to present some of our findings.

Each experimental group consisted of 2 male and 2 female Sprague Dawley rats, individually housed in screen-bottomed cages. Food and water were given ad libitum. The diets were made to contain 12% protein (about 40 % of beans) with the given amount of dried and ground-beans; moreover, the following ingredients were added:- sa1ts 44 %, NaCl 1 %, l-methionine 0.3 %, cotton seed oi1 containing 0.5 % oi oleum percomorphum 4 %, sucroses 20 %, 10 erystallized B-vitamins as indicated earlier1 and corn starch to make up to 100 %. In addition, 3 drops oi 1iver extract were given 3 times week1y by dropper. Additions to the diet were made at the expense oi corn starch. In the experiments reported in Tab1e II, a soy mea1-corn ration 1 to which 20 % of raw kidney-beans had bean added at the expense of the who1e ration, was used.

Evita ingerir en exceso alimentos que contengan ácidos grasos saturados, los cuales tienden a aumentar el nivel de colesterol malo, por ejemplo: la piel del pollo, la grasa de la carne, margarinas, leche entera, quesos, tocino y frituras en general.
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Incorpora actividad física en tu rutina diaria. La recomendación es realizar mínimo 30 minutos al día de la actividad física que prefiera, de moderada a alta intensidad, no necesariamente continua, incluso pueden ser 3 tandas de 10 minutos cada una. 


¿Sabías qué? Reemplazar las grasas saturadas en tu dieta por grasas no saturadas puede reducir significativamente el riesgo de enfermedad cardíaca en casi la misma cantidad que los medicamentos para reducir el colesterol.

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